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This is the true story of Otto the Otter, a North American River Otter who visited one family’s small pond every day. The family loved watching him and taking pictures of his antics. Then one day, Otto brought them the most amazing surprise!

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St. Louis Radio Talk Show Host & Retired Director of Humane Education for the Animal Protective Association of Missouri

"Otto, the Otter, A Big Surprise is a wonderful, engaging way for children 4-6 years old to learn about nature and the life cycle. Linda Hansen’s story is beautifully told and illustrated. Children and adults will be enchanted!"

Perfect for

Ages 4-8

Are you looking for a children’s picture book that will be a wonderful, fun, and a true story that is also educational? Otto the Otter, A Big Surprise provides this opportunity.

With Vibrant & Vivid Illustration

You and your children will be enthralled by the expressive and beautiful watercolors painted by Linda Hansen as she brings the story to life. 

For Enjoyment, Fun & Education

Children will be captivated with the surprise revealed in the book and will be educated in an entertaining manner.

Why Are You Waiting?

Get a children's picture book that uniquely has beautiful paintings and is a delightful book that will, beyond any doubt, bring delight and joy to you and any child you know.

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