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little lost dog

This is the true story of a Little Lost Dog who was found walking on the street of a subdivision one day. The story is about everything a family did to find the little dog’s owner, made difficult because the little lost dog didn't have identification of any sort... until one special day.

looking for his home

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Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

"Little Lost Dog, Looking for His Home, written and illustrated by Linda Hansen, is a poignant true story about a lost dog and the people who helped him. Kindhearted neighbors find a small dog wandering the streets and begin to search for his owners. A caring family takes the dog in and develops a bond with this sweet animal. His temporary owners name him Little Boy and, as they are concerned about his well-being, work tirelessly to find his family, but without success. Little Boy waits patiently for a new beginning. Important information is shared about the responsibility involved in having a pet as part of your family. Beautiful watercolor illustrations accompany this touching tale. As a fun bonus, adorable photos of Little Boy are included.

Little Lost Dog takes readers on a journey with a little dog as he searches for a new home. Young readers will learn about the great responsibility involved in being a pet owner. Linda Hansen skillfully depicts how Little Boy may have felt scared and confused while he was lost in new and different surroundings. The colorful and warm drawings throughout highlight Little Boy’s charming personality. Little Boy’s experience will lead to valuable conversations about keeping pets safe and measures that can be taken to help return lost pets quickly. Parents will find this book to be a useful resource in teaching children about everything that is involved in looking after and caring for a pet. Little Boy will capture the hearts of readers of all ages."

Perfect for

Ages 4-8

Children, 4-8 years old, will like this story because it is about a lost dog and they will want to know what happens to him. It is valuable for children and families to know this information. 

An Educational Read Inspired by a True Story

This informative story will educate children on the various steps that can be taken to find a lost little dog. Your children will be enthralled by the expressive and beautiful watercolors painted by Linda Hansen as she brings the story to life.

Perfect for Young Readers

A simple layout and easy-to-read text make this delightful story a great selection for young readers.

Beautifully Illustrated

 Both young and old alike will be enchanted by author/illustrator Linda Hansen's engaging, colorful artwork on each page.

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